Founder and CEO of EscrowTele.Com Limited company is Mr. Ilya Zubkov.

He has a background of over 30+ years of experience in both ISP/Telecom business management and LIR/ASN/IPv4 management.


Founder and CEO of REDLINE ISP in Moscow (AS3287)


Director of the project which received a grant from Eurasia Foundation (USAID). The project transformed UG.RU offline newspaper into one of the first online media in Russian Internet. It is still mentioned as one of the 1995 events of the History of the Internet in Wikipedia. You can still find UG.RU newspaper online issues of 1995 on their website.


EDUNET.RU B2B Telecom was established in Moscow.


AS9032 was registered in RIPE DB on 1998-10-28.


The telecommunications company has built its own Fiber Network interconnecting upto 100 of office buildings in the very center of Moscow, providing high-speed Internet access services and Telco services to B2B customers. The business has been successfully running for 25+ years since 1997.

May, 2022

EscrowTele.Com Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong to provide IPv4 Facilitator Services worldwide.

July, 2022

The Recognised IPv4 Transfer Broker Agreement was signed between RIPE NCC and EscrowTele.Com Limited. EscrowTele.Com Limited is included into the list of Recognised IPv4 Transfer Brokers on the RIPE NCC website.

July, 2022

The Deed of Covenant to comply with Guidelines for IPv4 Brokers was signed by EscrowTele.Com Limited on APNIC request. EscrowTele.Com Limited is included into the list of Registered IPv4 Brokers on the APNIC website.

May, 2023

The shares of the telecommunications company were sold to a $1B+ Enterprise (16000+employees) via M&A. The business has been successfully running for 26+ years since 1997 and will continue to provide services to its B2B customers as a part of a large holding.