IPv4 address space for sale

The transaction of the IPv4 blocks can be arranged through service
or through escrow services of banks within the home countries of the IPv4 buyers and sellers

APNIC /16 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 65536

Price: US$3,047,424.00 (US$46.50/address)

APNIC /18 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 16384

Price: US$606,208.00 (US$37.00/address)

APNIC /19 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 8192

Price: US$294,912.00 (US$36.00/address)

RIPE /21 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 2048

Price: US$65,515.52 (US$31.99/address)

APNIC /22 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 1024

Price: US$30,709.76 (US$29.99/address)

RIPE /24 PA block
IPv4 addresses: 256

Price: US$9,984.00 (US$39.00/address)

All these IPv4 blocks are transferable to: RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC

Why Choose Us?

EscrowTele.Com is a Registered IPv4 Broker within APNIC service region and also providing services to RIPE NCC members

APNIC and RIPE NCC service areas combined include all countries of Eastern Hemisphere (except AFRINIC/Africa):

  • 100% of countries of Asia,
  • 100% of countries of Europe,
  • 100% of countries of Australia and Oceania.
About Us

Since 1994

Our experts have a background of over 30+ years of experience in ISP/Telecom business since 1994.

How We Work

An example of IPv4 transaction project for a customer from a country supported by directly


We find a Seller of IPv4 addresses.


We find a Buyer of IPv4 addresses.


We negotiate prices for IPv4 with all participating counterparties.


We facilitate the process to apply for their Verified Company Account on for both Seller and Buyer.


We prepare and sign agreements between all the counterparties involved. IPv4 transaction is ready to start.


We use our Verified Company Account on to get our commission for our IPv4 facilitator services after the transaction of the IPv4 addresses is completed.


The Buyer submits their payment for the IPv4 block to


The Seller submits Transfer Agreement to RIPE/APNIC/ARIN/LACNIC.


We facilitate the transfer of the IPv4 addresses at RIPE/APNIC/ARIN/LACNIC.


The Seller completes the verifiable transfer of the IPv4 block.


The Buyer then confirms receipt of the IPv4 block and accepts it.

12 releases the payment to the Seller and releases our commission for IPv4 facilitator services. The funds are disbursed to corporate bank accounts by international wire transfer.

Our Services

for APNIC and RIPE NCC member organizations, for Telecoms, for Datacenters and Hosting providers, for B2B customers, for Telecom Sales Agents

Buy IPv4

If you are looking to buy an IPv4 address space we have IPv4 blocks of our customers ready for you, or we will find another IPv4 seller on your request.

Sell IPv4

If you are looking to sell your IPv4 address blocks we can find an international Buyer for you and facilitate access to escrow services worldwide.

LIR services

We will make it easy for you to register a new LIR and to request a new AS number at no extra cost if you are our client to buy or sell IPv4 addresses.

Join Our
International Sales Agents

We pay fees both to buy-side Sales Agent and to sell-side Sales Agent. We are looking for long-term partnerships to build our international team of IPv4 Sales Agents.

Company Account on Escrow service

We use our Verified Company Account on service to arrange a transaction between Buyer and Seller and to get commission for our IPv4 facilitator services as soon as the transaction of the IPv4 addresses is completed.

Deployment Projects
for Telecoms

IPv6 deployment will help any Telecom to free a lot of IPv4 space. We can initially sell a fraction of IPv4 space to finance the start of the IPv6 project. This is how we can help Telecoms to upgrade to IPv6 without any direct investments.

Ready to Buy or Sell IPv4 today?